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Did You Observe That Google Keyword Planner is Down? Don’t Worry You Are Not Facing This Problem Alone.

Most of the users with the active campaigns are not able to gain access to the Google keyword planner. If you are also the one who is trying to gain access to keyword planner in Ad words and seeing some error, then you are not at all alone.


When using keyword planner, users who are having active campaigns in their accounts are facing problems and an error message pops up saying “you should have at least 1 active campaign”. As suggested by the error message, immediately reloading of the tool will not fix the problem. For many, keyword planner has appeared to have gone down recently at least 15 hours ago. Instantly, the users began to post on twitter about the outrage. In the subsequent morning, the social team of the Google Ad words responded that “it could be a potential technical issue”.

Keyword planner has faced a number of problems in the past couple of months and this error is just another one of the line of problems. Google has changed the data access of keyword planner in August, limiting only the detailed data to the accounts having active campaigns.

The error reported today is the same error which the users began facing early this summer even before Google changed the access requirements. As a response, Google said that the error was due to some technical problem and there was no need for the users to have an active campaign running to use keyword planner. Also, later users found out that this was technically true.

Today’s glitch certainly is a technical issue and is affecting a lot of accounts having active campaigns, but after taking in to consideration the summer issues, it is easy to wonder if there is something else underlying the error.

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